Sunday, 6 March 2011

Vintage Homeware on the High Street

If, like me, you find it difficult to get to antique markets, but love vintage homeware then
look no further than today's post! I've scoured the best high street and on-line stores for vintage and vintage-inspired products and can conclude that nobody does it better that Pedlars. Pedlars are a Scottish company who specialise in cool, quirky products. As well as having great modern products they also source real vintage ware from all over the globe, with France, North America and England being the most popular. Although some of these do come with the inevitable hefty price tag, they are most certainly worth it. Take a look at what's currently on offer.
Pedlars are the largest stockists I know of vintage London bus blinds and have such a huge selection. Due to the nature of these vintage products they only have a limited number so if you see something you like, act fast.
Other products they source in bulk are antique globes, lighting (from French street lamps to fishermen's pendants), vintage telephones, tea towels and limited edition posters. Their website is pretty cool too so why not take a look.

As well as Pedlars, other stores to try if you're looking for vintage-inspired pieces would be Graham & Green, Anthropologie, Laura Ashley and Garden Trading. These stores don't have reclaimed and restored originals like Pedlars, but they do have cool modern pieces with a distinctive antique feel. Try Garden Trading for kitchenware, Laura Ashley for bedding and fabric, and Graham & Green and Anthropologie for accessories.

{Images: Pedlars}
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