Thursday, 14 July 2011

Inspirational Offices from Feather & Black

Although known for their gorgeous bedroom furniture, Feather & Black have recently launched some stylish office equipment. If you're in need of revamping your home office, just look below for some inspirational options.
There are three new styles in the Feather & Black range. The first of these we'll look at (and my personal fave) is Olivia, an off-white New England style that is both pretty and practical.
I love the simplicity of the off-white colours in this office. Even if your day isn't, at least your furniture will be calming! This office includes the Olivia bookcase, desk, desk tidy and 3-draw filing cabinet. All of which are actually in the sale right now, hurrah!

Next up is the Seattle range.
This office is certainly one for fans of the utility and industrial trends.The reclaimed elm looks great with the clean, cold lines of the metal frames.

The last instalment of their office range is Marblehead, a more traditional design made from American oak.
There are more pieces available in this range compared to the previous two. You can mix and match furniture to suit your needs out of a desk, desk tidy, filing cabinet, tall bookcase, small bookcase, cupboard and a bookcase with doors. I think the open-plan bookcases are a great idea for an office, everything is readily at hand but can be put back neatly when your all done.
Which style do you like best? I absolutely love the Olivia range. If I ever get my own office space, that's what I'll go for (along with those dreamy white floorboards too).

{All images: Feather & Black}

Friday, 8 July 2011


No, I'm not talking about a breed of dog! 'Papillon' the French word for 'butterfly'. To see what I'm talking about and where to buy this gorgeous poster, check out my latest post for Natural History. 


Creative Displays

Hi guys, happy Friday! Hope you are all well? Today I wanted to share with you some images I have been collecting over the last few months on creative displays. I am currently re-decorating my flat and have been influenced by all the beautiful blogs, magazines and shops out there and I want to show you some things which have inspired my own decorating projects. All of the rooms below have great creative spirit and imagination and show how to make a feature in your home with pretty much anything!

First up: Ceramic plate displays.
One of the great things about using plates as artwork is the versatility of them. For example, in the kitchen on the left, bold, bright, modern plates have been used to create a fresh, vibrant display which works well with the contemporary oak dining table and colourful storage pots. However on the right, antique china plates have been used to create a vintage, delicate feel which sit perfectly with the distressed wall and old chair.
Images: Apartment Therapy and Andrew Wood
Plate displays also work outside, which can be seen below. Here, the owner has used floral and botanical printed plates to match the outside setting in which they are placed. Wouldn't you just love to own this back-garden? It's so relaxed with it's peeling green bench and casual scattered cushions and would be perfect for lazy summer evenings.
Image: Creative Walls
Second: Ways to display artwork.
Everyday coat-hangers have been used in this sitting room below to create a striking visual display of the owners collection of posters and art. I think this look great: original, personal and fun. You can also change the posters regularly to update it with the decor or your moods. Note, they have also made great use of the limited wall space where the stairs cut into the room.
Images: Apartment Therapy
Next up: Ways to display your bits and pieces!
The pictures below are really just a hodgepodge of things I've seen in the past couple of weeks that have really got my creative juices going. They don't have an over-riding theme as such, just prettily displayed objects that I love. The image on the left is a beautiful office space which has utilised the back wall for displaying both trinkets, clippings and pictures that the owner may need at hand whilst working. The image on the right shows a wooden crate being used to store china, an idea which I LOVE. Everything looks so pretty, but is so practical at the same time. The bottom left shows an image I found whilst browsing Decor8. Using pegs to hang photographs and flowers looks quirky and the pegs themselves become part of the artwork. I might use this idea to hang dried lavender in my bedroom. The bottom right shows how to integrate a vintage mirror collection into a wall display. I think the mirrors add an unusual element to the display and give the room a vintage feel.
Images: 1. Elle Decor via Natural History; 2&4. Design*Sponge; 3. Decor8
There's so much inspiration around at the minute that I keep changing my mind for what I want for my own flat! But I will definitely be using some ideas from here, especially the pegs to hang pictures and flowers and the wooden crates for storage. I would love to know if these images have inspired you in any way or if you have a decorating project on the go too?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you get up to!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Exciting News...

As of today I will be a part of the fantastic new team of contributors to the Natural History blog. Last week founder Sarah was on the lookout for a panel of people to write regular posts for her blog and I was fast to take up her offer! Her vision is to expand and grow the current blog with regular postings from various people with lots of interesting articles. I can't wait to get started and am so excited to see how this project evolves. Exciting times lie ahead! I will be posting on a Friday afternoon about my homeware shopping finds of the week, I hope you will join me there. Today's post focuses on ethnic and tribal homeware accents, why not have a look? Follow the link below to see my first post there.

Here's a taster of what I've found.
Image 1,2,3 via Pl├╝mo. Image 4 via Lombok.
Have a browse through the rest of the blog too as there are some great contributors with some great articles. And remember to let us know what you think!

Hope you all have a great weekend! x
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