Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Those of you that follow my twitter ramblings will know that I often do a bit of thrifting, and last weeks session happened to be a very fruitful one. Having put on my flats I headed for my local town (towns are always so much better than city centres for this kind of thing don't you think?) and set out to buy, well, whatever really! For those that are interested, here is my loot from that trip.
What do you think? I'm super-pleased with my purchases, especially as the whole lot came to less than seven pounds, hurrah! The crochet cushion cover has to be a favourite as it's a nice big size. I'm going to mix it with other textured cushions and put the on my bed to create a nice cosy space for the approaching winter. Also the little pink box with the dried flower lid is just a beautiful trinket, I can't believe I was so lucky to pick it up for just one pound. The lovely old lady in the shop said it was a very old piece too as she received something similar for her 21st birthday all those years ago! I'm going to use it as a mini jewellery box. The rest of my lot includes a very prettily illustrated Gulliver's Travels book, a Penguin Fruit Growing book, a vintage floral cushion cushion cover and a very dirty piglet which I just couldn't leave behind! He needs a good wash, a new nose and re-stuffing! But when he is finished I hope to give him away to my new nephew.

See you soon and happy thrifting! x

{Image: Laura Blanksby}
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