Wednesday, 23 February 2011

ON TREND: Upcycling

All you green-goers out there, rejoice! The latest trend in interior decoration is upcycling and it's going down a treat. The term refers to re-inventing and updating tired objects or pieces of furniture and using it all over again. Companies such as The Old Cinema and Ghost Furniture update and re-sell vintage, retro or even scrap furniture and turn it turn it into something beautiful. Not only is it eco-friendly it also looks rather good. Here's a sample of what's on offer.
Upcycled chair and desk at Ghost Interiors
Peacock Sideboard upcycled at The Old Cinema
Shelving Unit made from US carriage seats at The Old Cinema
Also what's great about this trend is that you can have a go yourself. You can make cushion covers out of old rice sacks, create quirky shelving units out of fruit crates or upcycle old letterpress printer trays as display units. Here are a few pictures for inspiration.
Image credit:
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If you fancy upcycling on a larger scale try D&A Binder for ex-medical and ex-museum cabinets that look amazing as wardrobes or sideboards. That's all for today guys, get creative and see you soon.
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