Thursday, 14 July 2011

Inspirational Offices from Feather & Black

Although known for their gorgeous bedroom furniture, Feather & Black have recently launched some stylish office equipment. If you're in need of revamping your home office, just look below for some inspirational options.
There are three new styles in the Feather & Black range. The first of these we'll look at (and my personal fave) is Olivia, an off-white New England style that is both pretty and practical.
I love the simplicity of the off-white colours in this office. Even if your day isn't, at least your furniture will be calming! This office includes the Olivia bookcase, desk, desk tidy and 3-draw filing cabinet. All of which are actually in the sale right now, hurrah!

Next up is the Seattle range.
This office is certainly one for fans of the utility and industrial trends.The reclaimed elm looks great with the clean, cold lines of the metal frames.

The last instalment of their office range is Marblehead, a more traditional design made from American oak.
There are more pieces available in this range compared to the previous two. You can mix and match furniture to suit your needs out of a desk, desk tidy, filing cabinet, tall bookcase, small bookcase, cupboard and a bookcase with doors. I think the open-plan bookcases are a great idea for an office, everything is readily at hand but can be put back neatly when your all done.
Which style do you like best? I absolutely love the Olivia range. If I ever get my own office space, that's what I'll go for (along with those dreamy white floorboards too).

{All images: Feather & Black}
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