Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Livet Hemma

Translating into English as Life at Home, Ikea's new blog is a breath of fresh air from the Swedish giant. The blog features Ikea furniture but in a brand new light. The photographs of room sets are very 'lived-in' and don't feel as staged as the traditional room sets. There are also some bits and pieces that you can't get in your local Ikea, aiding that 'non-staged' effect. Personally I think the blog is a huge success. There are some really inspiring photographs, some great decorating tips from the staff and a marketplace where you can buy and sell second hand Ikea furniture. Eco friendly too, welldone Ikea!

Livet Hemma also provides tips on customising your Ikea furniture to make it more personal, something which I think has been needed for a while at Ikea. With the products being so accessible to everyone it is important that your furniture still says something about you, and customisation (stencilling, repainting, changing handles etc) is the perfect way to do this. Here are some ideas from Ikea.
In these images Ikea have transformed their PRÄNT storage boxes by painting them in lovely spring colours, then simply fastening them together with bulldog clips. The result is an edgy and fun storage unit.

Below, a selection of Ikea's plain white porcelain has been painted and displayed together to form a feature wall. This one looks lots of fun to do as well!
From this!
This one below is my favourite. It's so simple too. They've started with a plain GÖRAN table, and simply painted on the words 'WORK IN PROGRESS' on the top. So fitting for an office table don't you think? The lovely Livet Hemma provide a step-by-step guide to making this here if you're new to the customisation lark!
These are just a small selection of Livet Hemma's decorating ideas, there's loads more to try if you're a creative type.
Another resource to try if this has inspired you is deign blog Ikea Hackers, a blog which does exactly what is says on the tin. Loads and loads of ideas on here on how to customise your stuff!

{Images: Livet Hemma}
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