Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hmm two food-related posts in one day, I think someone is getting hungry! These beautiful handmade cookies are from Tokyo-based artist Cookieboy who designs and creates bespoke biscuits. These pretty little things have been creating a buzz in the blogosphere of late, and I think they're going to be huge! Cool new social bookmarking tool, Fancy, was one of the first places to pick them up. Check out Fancy when you have a minute as it's showcasing some of the coolest stuff around right now. Meanwhile have a look at Cookieboy's, um well, cookies!
Look at the faces on those cat cookies below, so cute, no?
As the cookies are made-to-order they are perfect for special occasions. You could have lots of little easels for a gallery opening, cameras for a photography exhibition, or even just lots of numbers for a birthday. Yummy. Thank you Cookieboy.

{Images: http://cookieboy.jp}
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