Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wood and Wool Stool

Damn, I wish I could crochet! After discovering Netherlands-based Ingrid Jansen and her company Wood and Wool Stool, it has completely re-ignited my creative spirit. Ingrid started her company in 2008 after a crochet stool she made for her home became increasingly popular. She began making custom-made stools for other people, and this eventually grew into an international business. The product list has been steadily increasing and now includes pillows, blankets, clothes-hangers, garlands, wooden signs and wooden Christmas trees. All of the wood Ingrid uses is recycled, giving the stools a nice distressed, lived-in feel which contrasts beautifully with the crochet wool on the top, especially on the delicate white ones.
These white ones below are my favourites. The photos are so beautiful too!
If you're more of a colourful type there are so many for you to choose from. There is literally every colour you could hope for!
Don't you just love the fact that the wood is so worn? The peeling paint, holes, and mix-matched coloured planks really give the stool great character.
Below is a selection of Wood and Wool Stool's other products.
The wooden Christmas tree is really novel don't you think? Such a great idea if you are short of space in your living room. They come in all sizes too if you prefer a larger one.
Ingrid's website can be found here, and why not check out her blog too for all the latest news and pics!

Right, I'm off to ask my mum to teach me this lovely craft, I will let you know how I'm getting on!

{Images: Wood and Wool Stool}
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