Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hilda Grahnat's Swedish Home

Today I want to share with you some inspiring photographs of Hilda Grahnat's beautiful home in Malmö, Sweden. Hilda, who took these lovely photos herself, is a 24 year-old photographer, blogger, artisan and graphic design student based in Sweden. Her home is a mixture of thrift store finds, vintage pieces and handmade objects. Get ready to be inspired.
Beautiful, don't you think? Hilda has this amazing ability to display objects, she makes ordinary things seem beautiful and interesting. Ornaments, books, and her quirky collection of clocks are all displayed in such an artful, aesthetically pleasing way. I also love how she has used the natural light to enhance her rooms and things in them.
The same bright, colourful style is used continuously throughout her home, from the bold globe in the sitting room, to the brightly coloured bread bins in the kitchen. Very retro, but modern at the same time. Below are some close-ups showcasing her inventive and playful storage ideas. I absolutely LOVE her coat-hanger 'wardrobe' for her glasses. Such a fun idea!
So many beautiful photographs! If you want to see more of Hilda's home, please go to her Flickr page where there are hundreds of lovely photos!
Hilda also makes pretty clocks out of vintage books (you can see one of these displayed on her bookshelf above) which you can buy via her blog. Here is a selection of my favourites:
Very retro. As well as these vintage clocks, Hilda also sells one-off prints and tote bags, have a look at her shop here.

{All Images: Hilda Grahnat}
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