Sunday, 15 May 2011

ON TREND: Fade-Out Furniture

Dip-dye furniture seems to be catching my eye everywhere I look this month. Take a look at Ercol's classic Love Seat which has been updated with a striking blue dip-dye effect. The timeless design is brought back to life in a really modern and beautiful way. I love how the timber, the signature Ercol material, seems to emerge from the blue dye. Very pretty.
As well as Ercol embracing the dip-dye trend, Berlin-based designer Judith Seng has a gorgeous collection of dip-dye furniture from her TRIFT range. These pieces are wooden logs which are lacqured in high gloss paint on only one side, making them look run- down and giving them an almost 'unfinished' feel. The result is an impossibly beautiful piece of furniture.
I love how the paint seeps into the grooves of the wood, creating a beautiful and natural pattern. The cracks and splinters in the wood also add to the 'unfinished' and decayed feel of these. My favourite is the bright yellow, high gloss small stool below.
These are mainly used as stools and tables, but Judith has also created some more abstract pieces which are purely for decorative purposes. Judith exhibits her collections worldwide, but you can also see her collections on her website, Judith Seng. 

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