Monday, 23 May 2011

New Wallpaper at Anthropologie

Anthropologie, you've done it again! This time it's wallpaper and I am loving all the latest instalments.
I must say, I have never really been a fan of wallpaper. I'm definitely more of a minimalist type of girl. I'm all white walls, wooden floors (I'd have them white too if I was brave enough!) and clean lines. But then the wonderful Amy Butler went and designed a LOVELY series of wallpapers for Graham & Brown, and I was warming to the idea at an alarming rate. And now this! I'm now seriously considering a papered feature wall in my bedroom behind my bed. Trust me folks, this is a BIG step for me! My favourite from the Anthropologie collection is the Blazing Poppies paper, top left, but I don't think I'm ready for such strong colours yet. The lovely monochrome butterfly wallpaper, bottom right, might be the perfect stepping stone for me. I love the 'hidden' butterflies, and the purple accent colour is perfect. This paper is a little pricey though as it has temperature settings embedded in it- basically as the temperature rises, hidden motifs in the pattern emerge. Fun.

If you're a bit cautious of wallpaper, I had a great idea on how you can introduce it into your home without going whole hog and covering your whole room. Why not cut out sections of the paper, and frame them in pretty frames to hang on your wall? What I thought would be lovely for this is the super-pretty Painted Owl paper.
These would look lovely placed side by side, maybe two or three together, on a bedroom wall. What do you think?
If, however, you're not a scaredy cat (!), here are some more designs which would look great as either a feature wall or throughout the room.
What style are you? Do you love colour and pattern? Or do you prefer more pared down neutrals? Would love to know if you have any wallpapered feature walls, I'd love to feature them on here. And I could also do with a bit of inspiration for my own bedroom wall!

Wallpapers from top: Blazing Poppies, Coral Forest, Cranesbill Castle, Hide and Seek; Painted Owl; Colour Flight, Are You Being Served, Lady of the Manor, Barking Mad.

{Images: Anthropologie}
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