Sunday, 7 August 2011

Yarn Bombing

Hello there! Who's up for a bit of knitting inspiration this Sunday morning?
A few weeks ago I stumbled across some images of a knitted tree and started researching what this could possibly mean (as you might imagine, I was quite confused). It turns out that there is an international phenomenon called 'yarn bombing' whereby textile artists knit and crochet around, well, everything and anything. The movement has been credited to Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please, a knit graffiti group. Magda shares her groups projects via her blog of the same name and they get up to some seriously cool stuff. Look at these for starters.
Follow Magda's projects over at her blog, Knitta Please. One of her latest commissions was at Etsy HQ in Brooklyn, have a peek at what her team got up to here, and here. It's not just Texas-based Knitta Please that's in on the action though so keep an eye out for some knit graffiti near you. And if you happen to come across any, let me know!

Have a fun weekend, see you back here on Monday.

{All Images: Knitta Please (except image 1, Apartment Therapy}
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